3 Signs You Could Be Bugged and the Importance of Electronic Countermeasures

Business Man on Phone

We’re living in a digitally-driven world and in this constantly evolving environment, there lies a danger: bugging.

Criminals could be bugging your residential or commercial property, impeding on your privacy and accessing your personal information without you knowing it.

That’s why it’s vital that you recognize the warning signs of bugging.

1. Your phone seems to be acting strange

Have you noticed lately that your phone has been acting strange? That the volume suddenly goes up or down when you’re speaking to someone? Or when you’re finished speaking, you still hear random noises and sounds that weren’t there before?

Well, listen: this isn’t normal and could be a sign that someone else is listening.

2. Something appears crooked

In the private security industry, we often say that if a burglary takes place on your property yet nothing evident is stolen, that’s a clear sign that surveillance or bugging was likely set up. One way you can detect if that was the case is noticing that something in your house or office is out of place.

Whether it’s a sign or picture frame that is crooked, or additional items that weren’t there before, you’ll have to look awfully close to see if an electronic bugging device was placed anywhere.

3. People know private information about you

Outside of your own personal electronics and possessions, you may want to take account of your face-to-face interactions. If the contents of confidential meetings are known by people who weren’t present at those meetings, that could be a red flag. Also, if individuals seem to know a lot more about your private information than they should, stay cautious.

The importance of electronic countermeasures

At Elite International Investigation, we cannot stress enough the importance of electronic countermeasures. If there is any potential reason for you to think someone is covertly eavesdropping on you or would attempt to bug you, it’s essential that you take the necessary precautions.

If you feel like you may be bugged, call on Elite International Investigation. We have the expertise and equipment necessary to uncover and disarm any bugging or surveillance devices that may be present. Call our team of experts at 405-293-8344 today!