Social Media is Changing Private Investigators’ Strategies

Social media posting

As the shift in technology takes place on the daily, private investigators have to adapt to new strategies for the way they investigate cases. Social media is one of those tools that has helped investigators gain ground on their subjects. With old-fashioned surveillance coupled with extensive online searching and social media watching, it’s making it… Read more »

Dealing with Sextortion & Blackmail: How a Private Investigator Can Help

Young man dealing with sextortion and blackmail

Picture this: you meet an attractive person online and strike up a conversation. Things take a racy turn, and soon enough you’re sexting and sending explicit photos. However, all of a sudden, your supposed paramour is threatening to send compromising images of you to your family and job (not to mention post them online) unless… Read more »

Child Custody Cases: Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Upset Mother in Child Custody Battle

When engaged in a child custody case, it is essential that you have all the essential information compiled to allow the court to determine the best placement for your children. A custody investigation that utilizes a private investigator can help gather the necessary evidence to support your petition for visitation, custody arrangements, or other child… Read more »

3 Signs You Could Be Bugged and the Importance of Electronic Countermeasures

Business Man on Phone

We’re living in a digitally-driven world and in this constantly evolving environment, there lies a danger: bugging. Criminals could be bugging your residential or commercial property, impeding on your privacy and accessing your personal information without you knowing it. That’s why it’s vital that you recognize the warning signs of bugging. 1. Your phone seems… Read more »