Corporate Investigations

If your company is experiencing an unusual increase in thefts or other crimes, or has need for a discreet investigation that goes beyond the scope of your Human Resources Department, we may be able to help. We have successfully solved cases such as theft from a company’s construction yard, vending machine theft and much more. We are also called in on occasion to document the on-duty conduct of an employee who works outside the office.

SIU Operations Unit

The SIU Operations Unit specializes in corporate investigations to include Recorded Statements, Witness Location, Subrogation, AOE/COE, Scene Investigations, Alive and Well Checks, Clinic Inspection/Investigations, and Document Retrieval.


Surveillance is utilized to develop and document information concerning an individual’s activity, physical ability/health, appearance, and employment. Investigators are trained in the techniques of investigation as well as criminal and civil concerns associated with documenting evidence. Our Investigators utilize state of the art technology in order to provide the best court worthy evidence. Elite Intl. Investigations base rate for surveillance is $550 per day (8 hours on-site and up to 2 hours of travel includes all expenses) throughout our coverage area. We also offer rates at time and expense, depending on your needs.

Scene Investigation

A Scene Investigation is an on-site investigation into the setting and circumstance surrounding a claim related incident. This form of investigation provides photographs and diagrams that can help you make a more informed decision regarding the claim.

Recorded Statement

A Recorded Statement is an on-site or telephonic interview with a claimant, insured, witness, or another party, used to determine the validity of a claim. Written and recorded statements are excellent in verifying facts and information surrounding an event and are used to help identify fraud and preserve. Recorded Statements often make a significant difference in litigation.