Dealing with Sextortion & Blackmail: How a Private Investigator Can Help

Young man dealing with sextortion and blackmail

Picture this: you meet an attractive person online and strike up a conversation. Things take a racy turn, and soon enough you’re sexting and sending explicit photos. However, all of a sudden, your supposed paramour is threatening to send compromising images of you to your family and job (not to mention post them online) unless you pay up immediately.

It’s a growing problem

Sounds like a nightmare, right? Unfortunately, it’s an increasingly common situation. Teens are particularly vulnerable, and are often afraid to tell their parents what’s going on. “Sextortion” and blackmail are real problems, but fortunately a private investigator can help you deal with them.

Hire a private investigator

Perpetrators of sextortion schemes go to great lengths to keep themselves anonymous, using fake social media accounts and bogus email addresses. However, a private investigator can help you determine exactly who is trying to blackmail you, so that you can confront the harasser, file a restraining order, or even press charges. The private investigator assigned to your case will know how to identify digital footprints and track down the blackmailer’s IP address, cell phone number, email address, social media accounts, and even the specific devises used to perpetrate the extortion. The investigator will use proprietary processes to pin down the identity and geographic location of the criminal, gathering solid evidence that makes it easier for law enforcement to stop them.

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