Here’s What a Private Investigator Can & Cannot Do

Elite International Investigations detective on a case

It’s a mystery to some people on what a private investigator is able to do when investigating crimes.  We always imagine the Hollywood movies that exaggerate a private investigator’s free reign to the law, and we create our own perception of this “superhero” character.  We’d like to clear the air on the restrictions and limitations.

Private Investigators Abide the Law

Private Investigators like Elite International Investigations are required to obey the law just like every law enforcement and citizen in the country, but we may not know the limitations.

Here are some things we can do:

  • Surveillance – only public property
  • Documentation (photos, videos) – only public property
  • Tracking – this all depends on the state laws
  • Work with police – yes, sometimes PI’s are hired
  • Internet – PI’s, like everyone have access to the internet

Everyone can be their own type of private investigator because we all are required to obey the law, but professional private investigators have the experience and talent to solve an investigation. Here at Elite International Investigations, we are NOT allowed to hack into someone’s digital world, such as phone, email, social media accounts, computer, etc. We are also cannot acquire bank and medical records.

So, what is the point of hiring a private investigator like Elite International Investigations? We take care of our cases. We don’t beat around the bush because we are hired professionals who’ve had several years of experience. We have the time and resources, which law enforcement may not have at certain times.

If you believe you have an unsolved problem on your hands, and you’d like another set of eyes on it, contact Elite International Investigations at 405-293-8344.