Professional Process Servers

Oklahoma City Process Server

Process service, as you may already know, is no simple matter. When serving summonses, subpoenas, complaints, writs, divorce papers, child support orders and other court documents, one may run into any number of potentially dangerous or frustrating situations. Encountering a person who is receiving these papers isn’t always a walk in the park, and trusting Elite International Investigations to serve papers when a recipient may be dangerous can offer you security, as well as certainty that the documents were delivered. Finding someone who is evasive can be time consuming if not downright impossible without outside resources, and our investigative abilities will give us the upper hand on any paper-dodger.

Having process servers in Oklahoma City and in several surrounding counties, we never charge mileage fees. We also do not ask for multiple attempt fees. Call us today to schedule papers to be served, or to ask questions about this and our other services.

Individual Clients

Do you need to serve court papers professionally, promptly and properly? Let Elite International Investigations take care of all your process serving needs.

EII has a dedicated division devoted to handling the process serving needs of individuals, attorneys, banks and loan companies throughout Oklahoma City and the surrounding region. Their professional team offers reliable and trusted service, backed with more than a decade of experience serving clients large and small across the area.

With process servers located in many counties across the area, EII’s team can offer court paper processing services without any additional mileage costs passed on to you. What if the person being served isn’t home when EII’s process server arrives? No problem. Their team member will try again at another time, and with EII’s service, there’s no cost for multiple attempts.

All process serving tasks are different, and pricing is quoted individually based on your needs. Contact Elite International Investigations and today at 405-293-8344 for more information or process server pricing details.

Attorneys – Serving Divorce & Court Papers

Serving divorce papers or serving court papers can be a complicated, stressful, and dangerous process. You are never sure how a person who is being served is going to react and finding the right person can sometimes be difficult, especially if they are dodging your attempts to serve them. The professional and experienced process servers at Elite International Investigations will serve papers properly and safely so you know that the intended recipient is getting served.

Whether you are an attorney or are representing yourself in a divorce or other court proceeding, you can be sure that the team at EII will serve your papers properly and professionally. Do not put yourself in danger or worry about finding the right person to serve. Let the team at EII take care of everything, so you can focus on your court proceeding.

Contact Elite International Investigations today about hiring a process server to serve your court papers in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, or Missouri.