Social Media is Changing Private Investigators’ Strategies

Social media posting

As the shift in technology takes place on the daily, private investigators have to adapt to new strategies for the way they investigate cases. Social media is one of those tools that has helped investigators gain ground on their subjects. With old-fashioned surveillance coupled with extensive online searching and social media watching, it’s making it easier to solve the tough cases.

How it Helps

Let’s take fraud and scams for example. There are so many ways a private investigator can attain information within someone’s social media world. This could be investigating friend’s pages, as well as looking through photos and comments. As long as the profile on whatever platform is public, investigators have the freedom to browse through someone’s social life. Why should a private investigator utilize this tool?

Here is why:

  • Access to friends, photos, statuses, comments
  • Surveillance online helps surveillance in the field
  • Most people share their lives on social media
  • It can help speed up the investigation process

People can be very naive and ignorant when it comes to their social media lives. We see people posting a status on Facebook that may cause a stir, tweeting out something that they may regret, and posting a photo on Instagram that may not be accepted in society. So, the odds of someone slipping up on their social media are very high. This gives the private investigator a great advantage when trying to solve a case such as fraud, insurance scams, affairs, background checks, cyberbullying, etc.

It’s Changing the Game

Private investigators all over the country are using online searching and social media surveillance to help solve cases in the field. We have to know that the world is shifting to an exclusive digital world, and private investigators are using non-traditional tactics to make the traditional tactics much easier.

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