Surveillance & Tracking


Are you in need of answers? Sometimes the best way is discreet surveillance. Whether an insurance fraud case, domestic, or whatever the case may be we are the experts for you. Our investigators have been trained by the top law enforcement agencies and the most discrete surveillance on the planet and have years of experience in conducting surveillance. It doesn’t matter if its sitting in a neighborhood, trekking through the woods, on a boat, or a golf course we’ve done it. Call us today for all your surveillance needs.


Do you feel like you are being watched or followed? You may be under covert surveillance with hidden cameras, or audio recording devices aka bugs. We have the intuition and equipment to locate and disarm any of these devices giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Are you worried about corporate espionage? We can help. Contact Elite Intl. Investigations today.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking is a key way to get the location and activity details of someone without constant surveillance. All the trackers we use are live and accurate! Think about being able to monitor 24 hours a day 7 days a week; know locations, stops, routes, speeds, and more. Are you trying to catch a cheating spouse, find out if your teen is actually going where they say there are going, or worried about the safety of the elderly? Elite offers short or long term tracking. We have 3 different service levels ranging in price. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Activity Checks

Activity checks are on-site investigations that can assist in determining if surveillance is justified. In the scope of an activity check, an investigator spends a limited amount of time in the the subject’s neighborhood, documenting conditions and if needed will speak with people familiar with the subject’s daily activities. Activity checks are also effective in obtaining information regarding dependency status in death claims.